The ever moving finish line

The good news: I have *plenty* of work to do.  The bad news: Not all of it generates income.  At least directly.

I have been cranking away at several projects and hence my scribblings here and my Facebook and Twitter activities have been rather muted.  How DO people keep all those things going?  My goal is create a tool that will allow me to post stuff of interest into my Facebook wall, tweets, email and this blog at the same time.  Someday..

Whats new? Spent a bit of time with iText cranking out Q & D report listings (headings/footers are weird in iText though) and been moving from Java code to proprietary application integration (electronic time cards at the moment), building servers and diagnosing network issues for my Alaska customers.  No end of the treadmill as of yet.

Just checking in.  The list gets longer. The 24 hours in a day never changes…..

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