Back on the grid

For a techie/software craftsman/geek type, I sure like getting off the grid every once and a while.  My brother in law has a cabin in central Idaho that has no electricity, no phone, no Internet.  I love it!  Those quiet, reflective days are just what I need to recharge the creative juices.  I have given some thought to getting a solar array and spending a week or two up there, writing code at my leisure and enjoying the great outdoors.  The biggest issue is that I DO have a very small install base of customers using my ASAAP product so two weeks off the grid might be too much.  I could get a satellite phone as well and I know a few residents up there that have satellite Internet but then, with all that, how would I get any R&R.

So back on the grid and back into Java and an interesting project involving electronic time cards. Prepping for a week of technology at my Alaska customers site.  I need to prepare well in advance because it takes 3 days to receive anything “overnight”. So getting the gear together and ordered ahead of time is the challenge.

Fishing? Maybe.

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