The curiosity button

I just got an email from someone I know that has great enthusiasm for technology, just like I do.  He was effusive in his excitement over the use of ext.js and his CGI applications.  Such enthusiasm is contagious.  He hit my curiosity button.

That button is well exposed and easy to depress in my case.  It rarely takes more than a comment, a news release, a post, a magazine article or a target mailing to get me to follow a link and then spend minutes, possibly hours, reading  something and then playing over the possibilities in my mind.  I am a tech junkie and I *think* I can quit whenever I want to, I just never want to. That explains, in sad detail, why I work seven days a week, 10 hours a day and have the productivity of a chimp at a typewriter.  Lots of activity but no useful (in my case, billable) output.

What to do?  Unfortunately, there is very little I can do to avoid the siren call of technology.  My days off the grid at my brother in law’s cabin with no electricity, no phone, no cell service, nada, are about as close to a detox for me as it gets.  Family interventions, attempts at self-discipline, it all fails.  I try to focus, continue to work on projects with some tendril of promise of future revenue and then someone punches that curiosity button and I’m gone.

Hey, take a look at this…….

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