Working like a dog

Been up to my eyeballs in Java this past two weeks with just a smattering of RPGLE to deal with.  I am also officially on the street looking for work as a very large and lengthy contract I’ve had has now come to the end.  So the recession has come to roost at Value Added Software, Inc.  However, being busy and gainfully employed has never been connected for me so it comes as no surprise that I am incredibly busy but also “unemployed”.

Actually the pipeline will stay full until about October.  I have my ASAAP product to work on as well as a new electronic timecard entry system to design and write so I’ll have revenue coming in for quite some time.  With time to work on ASAAP, I should be able to get all the loose ends tidied up in no time. ASAAP has come together quite nicely and  all the work in jQuery over the past month has me itching to rewrite a bunch of code that I wrote 5 years ago as I got started on the web version.  Ajax can make quite a difference in the way an application functions and jQuery makes it all pretty easy.

So, it should be an interesting summer.  Looking forward to some R&R soon, just as soon as I finish a few of these projects…

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