More work to do

I love/hate the blog thing.  Love it because it sometimes can help me memorialize important stuff and organize my thoughts.  Hate it because I am always behind.  I need a reminder / nag tool to keep up.

Spent a week last week with my customer in SE Alaska.  We are working on a server installation which should solve some administrative control issues and are planning on implementing a new electronic time clock that I will hook up to their payroll system.  So I am beginning yet another new programming project before I have had the opportunity to finish several others. Still working on putting the finishing touches on my Automated Substitute and Attendance Processor product (ASAAP).  Having bailed on trying to find a CRUD tool, my efforts to crank out code with jQuery and Freemarker is moving right along.  Two consulting visits have kept me from making the kind of progress I need to get this thing off my place though.  And the implementation of this new code is next week (Yikes!).

Much uncertainly about future projects and, more importantly, revenue.  Finally feeling the effects of the recession. One of the good news/bad news aspects of working with schools that have annual budgets that begin in July.

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