EGL-CE on Linux (and Windows 7)

I had a chance to do a quick reality check on the new EGL-CE and it looks pretty solid, even on “unsupported” platforms (at the moment) of Linux and Windows7. I just finished up the demo using  EGL-CE and all seems to be working well.  Granted, I am not using a DB connection yet and I haven’t had to deploy an app but a simple RUI app was successfully completed.  Does that mean that EGL-CE on Linux is stable and ready for production?  Well, I can’t say.  However, the results so far have been encouraging.  It wasn’t my intention to jump back into EGL at this moment but I did at least want to kick the tires and give EGL-CE a whirl on Linux.  Now I need to boot back into Windows 7 and see if it all works on that side as well (can’t see why it wouldn’t).

Next step is to do something substantial to exercise these EGL legs again.  At least the Linux hurdle was a low one.  I still have a pretty substantial Java project to finish (more enhancements and features for my ASAAP product) but as *soon* as that is done, I am going to work on something of substance with EGL.  Maybe even use EGL-CE on linux.  We’ll see.

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