Back from reality

Since I needed to update WordPress to fix a security flaw (gasp!) I decided to add a quick note about reality and the world we live in.  4 days off the grid does much to remind one of how unreal our day to day world really is.  Spending time reading, reflecting and unwinding clears the mind and imagination palate.  Too much of our lives is spent in fruitless pursuits. As immortal beings, our short term view is nothing short of baffling.  We comment about the passage of time but we do nothing about the quality of that passage.

My “reality” is rooted in something far more significant and lasting (ask me anytime). This life, as joy filled, challenging and fun as I find it, is a temporary diversion.  One I heartily enjoy, don’t get me wrong, but fleeting none the less.

Spending a day in email and code vs gazing at the immensity of the universe on a cloudless Idaho night puts it all in perspective.  I would *hope* that you have more to your life.  I certainly do.

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