Where’s Waldo…um, Pete!

Nothing like a move from a monolithic, easy to maintain gem of a framework like Liferay to a distributed, micro-service based bespoke solution to suck the very life and free time out of your schedule. The whole of the IBM i community knows the beauty of a single, integrated operating environment and how that can reduce complexity, boost productivity and make troubleshooting issues easier. Now I get to deal with “where did it fail” mysteries of databases in one cloud, applications in another cloud, services from who knows where connected by a service bus in yet another cloud. I have been spoiled by living in a single ecosystem running on bullet proof hardware for decades.

So I have been scrambling and getting ready for a big move to higher complexity and stress. But I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned as the PowerUp18 conference comes to San Antonio in barely a month. MORE stress to get those presentations done!

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