Common spring conference 2017 – AWESOME!

I hope you are kicking yourself as you read the title. “Dang! I should have gone!”  Yep. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.. Just sayin’ you missed another great week with the IBM i family. I probably had the greatest session load I have ever carried and yet, I can’t say that I have been to a better conference. I saw many new faces and *younger* faces, in case you think this is just the wrinkled masses migrating to the sunny climes of Florida to scout retirement homes.

Best part, making new friends! Also, having some time to sit in on some refreshers in Python,Orion, Node.js, Bottle, Watson, testing strategies, how to manage and leverage credit cards (! – RECon),  talk to vendors about new products…I came with more ideas than I usually have and I can’t wait to give them a whirl.

So sign up for the Fall Conference you laggards! Even if you have to pony up your own cash, your career will thank you!

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