Heading to NOLA

I love it that Common is heading to NOLA for next week.  It has been a long time since I have been in NOLA and it looks like attendance will be very strong.  If you have had a chance to dig into the schedule a bit you will quickly see how deep and wide the IBM i has grown.  I am not talking only about raw computing power, and not only about the variety of open source software that now runs on i (LOVE it!) but the community as well.  There will be students who will be presenting on what they have discovered the IBM i can do, and “more mature” (ahem) folks like myself also showing off the new and exciting capabilities of IBM i.  It is nearly guaranteed to be a very good conference and if you haven’t already registered, it is NEVER too late!

If you will be there, check out my two sessions: JavaScript and JSON and Developing Defensible web applications

See you in NOLA!


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