The death of the IDE?

Every since I first played with Eclipse and marveled at how efficient and useful it was, I have been using it.  I use MyEclipse (which I have become less enamored with over time) and RDi (Rational Developer for IBM i – or whatever they decided to call it this week).  I use RubyMine, Eclipse for Android development, and on an on.  I always enjoyed being able to do everything from within the IDE. It was always much more than just a text editor.

But, recently, I have noticed more and more frameworks are departing from the “one environment to rule them all” experience and are adding command line scripting to get the job done.  You can no longer just build a Rails project from within the IDE.  You can no longer create a PhoneGap project from within the IDE.  Lately even some Java tooling I use requires I jump to a command line to run Gradle, or NPM or some script that “builds” the skeletal framework first.  THEN you can use the IDE.

What is UP with that?  The “I” in IDE is for “Integrated” not incidental.  When I am using a framework I expect everything to be generated from *within* the IDE.  I am not sure if it is just laziness or lack of understanding of the IDE tooling but I am getting a little tired of jumping from command line to IDE and back again just to get a project built.

Come ON you IDE and framework providers.  Get your game together…..

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