The end of the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly…

Yes! The JS12 is still rockin and rolling so we are finally out of the woods and can once again rely on the trusty i to keep going and going.  There are still a couple of mysteries to solve: The bang! light on the SAS Connectivity Module when the tape drive is plugged in (it works though) and the mysterious “Message ID . . . . . . :   CPF9E7F” i5/OS usage limit exceeded message.  — Current processor usage across all active i5/OS partitions is 2.00  — Current processor usage for the local partition is 1.00.

Since I only have a single processor allocated to the i partition and and only one i partition configured, IBM and myself haven’t been able to figure out why i5/OS is still reporting 2 processors active for i5/OS.  PTF to come, no doubt.

Looking into some Ruby 1.9 issues and some other odds and ends while still trying to make ends meet by consulting.  At least I have a machine I can work with and I can, once again, pull the plug on the 270.

Hope to report on some CRUD frameworks in an upcoming post.  Busy as ever, but more productive now that I am not burning up time trying to keep the JS12 running…

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