Out of the woods

The blade has now been running 5 days without a hitch so I am thinking that I have finally gotten a stable JS12.  The i partition has been running successfully and I just installed SLES 11 last night.  I am still working through some issues with *that*: It appears to have some issues with graphics so I haven’t been able to start VNC successfully yet.  But, by and large, the blade appears to be rockin and rollin now.

I want to play a bot more now.  I need to get back to my JRuby projects and get a JRuby application running on this Power 6 box and, with the Linux partition available, I’d like to try a PPC64 compile of Asterisk.  If I can consolidate more servers, I’d be able to justify having this big space heater in my basement.

More to come.  Stay tuned!

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