Summer fun

It’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime…..

Right!  Time for fun in the sun!  Given the time lapse since my last post, you’d think that I had gone on vacation.  Not so!  I have been busy, mostly with some challenging projects both in the tech world and outside it.  I have been to Italy and back attending the Common Europe Congress in Milan.  I have written a lengthy magazine article which forced me to grow my mobile app development skills.  I have been invited to present a mobile application development workshop at the Common Fall Conference along with presenting on Open Source Report Writing tools and using Open Office with IBM i data.  So, it looks like there is no rest to come this fall.  Add travel, a couple of pro-bono jobs (like I can afford to give away my time…) and I can see the summer gone in a flash.

Anything new besides the same ol, same ol?  Yes.  I have been playing with Liferay which is a pretty cool and easy to use portal application (if there is such a thing).  I have been trying to sort out the CMS and the portal plugin pieces because they would be of the most use to me directly.  Redesigning the and the sites along with and the (and it’s variations) sites is HIGH on my list, I just can’t afford to hand rewrite all of them. I was hoping to “portalize” them and consolidate them into a few portlets.  We’ll see.  The summer is quickly fading…

IBM seems to have fixed the SWMA mysteries and I am very hopeful that my next round of renewals (next year) will be problem free…

Still much to do.  I have an exam to pass to get certified as a GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java and my time is running out.  I’ll update you by August 12th (if not sooner).

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