Tracking the time

I have kind of lost track of time.   Christmas-New Years tends to be a time when I ‘play’ a bit with new technologies and have a chance to try things on for size.  Alas, work has prevented me from playing!  But, all work and no play makes for a very dull boy so I DID manage to pull off a quick playtime in the name of expediency.

As a contract programmer (among other things) one of the biggest challenges is to track the time I spend on various projects and activities.  A few years back I wrote a simple time tracking application which I started to use and then abandoned because I couldn’t *easily* track time.  I wanted it to be so easy that all I had to do was log in, click and start recording my time on a project.  I also wanted to be able to manually add and change time.  Nothing fit the bill.

Quite by accident I stumbled across Kimai.  I was initially put off because the site was in German (it took me a while to find the UK flag indicating an English version). But, since I run PHP on i and it was a snap to install, I was quickly up and running.  This is a GREAT time tracking application.  Easy to use.  Easy to set up.

I have barely scratched the surface on using it but I will report additional progress in the future. The great thing about the app is that I can use it anywhere I have Internet access.  I hope to find a mobile app version (there *was* one but it is no longer available)  so I can record time while away from my desk.

Give it a try.  A great application…a *real* time saver!

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