Zend Server on i

You probably won’t notice but I have changed the server running this blog.  We now have Zend Server running our PHP applications rather than Zend Core.  Lost on you but not on me is that the configuration is now MUCH simpler to maintain.  I am not managing multiple Apache instances and no longer have to deal with PASE.

As an FYI to others that go this route, just treat the http.conf file like any other Apache configuration file and all will be well.  Very pleased that the move was so trouble free (well, once I figured it out).

Next challenge is the upgrade WordPress itself.  I have usually ended up running WP updates manually because of of authority issues with the way the Automatic Update routine runs, but you can pretty much guess that the next post will be on WP 3.0.  Now that the management of the i instance is so much easier, I plan to move the rest of the PHP and Apache applications to the i.  If I could get Glassfish to run on i, I’d move my Glassfish apps as well.  Apache, PHP, Ruby, JRuby and Tomcat all run nicely on i.

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