The swirling vortex of commitments

How often have you committed to do something thinking: “I have *months* to get this done, no problem!”  Only to find out the months are suddenly gone and you are at the commitment vortex, trying to traverse it with being totally sucked into the maelstrom?  You drop the oranges you are juggling.  You step on the trip wire of overcommitment.  Basically, you end up in deep kim chee.

Alas!  That is were I find myself now.  *Months* ago I committed to one presentation for the Common Conference in Orlando on May 3rd. Then I found out that the one was actually three.  Then I committed to deliver a totally new module in my time and attendance system. Now I find myself heading out on a two day trip to volunteer for more development work (gratis) and wanting to add yet another consulting trip in the next couple of weeks.  What is wrong with me???  I haven’t even touched my new presentation yet and have no idea of the amount of code I’ll have to crank out in order to get it done.

On top of that, I am *blogging* when I should be working!!!  I have to stop right now and…

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