Dear Google Cloud Team

Doncha just hate it when you have one of those FedEx tags on your door that says “Sorry we missed you. Your turn!”? So, I got one of those after returning from a vacation and the pickup point was the Walgreen’s a few miles away.

The FedEx pickup desk staff asks for ID and then says, “Do you have any other ID”? which immediately reminds me of the scene from the first “Men in Black” movie. In any case, I said that I also ran a business called “Value Added Software”. So, I passed the test and I am handed a “Google Cloud Kit” for an employee called “Herbert Bergmann” and two things immediately enter my mind (multi-tasking!): 1) Why would a “cloud kit” need a box? 2) WHO is “Herbert Bergmann”?

The carrot at he end of the stick is a “Google Assistant” for free. So, what did I do? I bite and schedule a conference call (coming up!) I also fired off an email to my “Google Cloud Team” member explaining that unless they are running IBM i on a PowerPC CPU I’m really not a great Google Cloud prospect.

And who is “Herbert Bergmann”? The mystery remains….

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