Updating 5733OPS on IBM i

Sounds easy you say? There are already instructions elsewhere you say? More power to you!
So here are my curated instructions:

1) Obtain the latest version of the 5733OPS licensed program through ESS. There are some good instructions on Club Seiden for getting the image and mounting it (but stop at the installation step!).

2) To install the licensed program, I just took option 11 on the LICPGM menu. Following the good Dr. Franken’s advice, I added install options 3-15 BEFORE I pushed the big button to install. Then I installed from the image catalog.

3) Download, install and apply group PTF SF99223 (V7R2M0). This is where the instructions are all over the deck, suggesting different individual PTF’s for each feature. Bite the bullet and install the group. You added a bunch of new options, might as well get them installed.

That group PTF acted like a TR (maybe it is) It took a LONG time to install and IPL. Fortunately I am the only one using this partition so I didn’t care.

After those three simple steps, you should be good to go. I am going to say *should* because I didn’t do those three steps in the correct order. I installed the massive PTF first, thinking that it would magically put the stuff on for me. So, after installing the PTF and getting nothing for the effort, I then installed the updated 5733OPS, thinking that would fix it. It didn’t. So then I re-applied the PTF thinking that it would fix it. It didn’t! So I went back, re-installed 5733OPS, this time adding all 15 options and THEN applied the PTF (again). Still no joy until Buck point out the need to shoot the HTTPSVR subsystem and the magical “call qsysdir/qinavmnsrv *STOP” incantation plus re-apply the group PTF (was getting REAL good at applying the PTF!)

So again, I think the correct sequence is the 1,2,3 above. And, if you don’t get an IPL out of installing the group PTF, then shoot the HTTPSVR subsystem and run the magic incantation and then apply the group PTF. That is what worked for me.

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