Go west young man (or woman)! To Anaheim!

I am heading to Anaheim for the Common Spring Conference!  You know what that means: Updates to the Common Schedule Organizer, my mobile app for managing the Common Conference Schedule.  I had some small UI tweaks and added a hotel map.  You can find the mobile WEB app here. You can find the Android APK here.  For the Android app, remember that most mobile devices are cranky about installing stuff directly from the Internet without going through the Google play store so you might have to tweak your device security settings in order to install.

Another word about the install:  Normally, you can just update the existing app but I couldn’t install without first uninstalling the older version of CSO (if you have it).  So install and re-install if you get an error in updating.

Yet another word about installation: When you start the app you will briefly see the prompt for your email address appear and then ZAM!  Its gone!  So, start the app.  Click on the “Load Schedules” button and WAIT patiently while it pulls the data.  Then go to “My Schedule” and click on the “Change Grid Email Address” and enter the email address you used to register at the Common Scheduling (NOT the sched.org site)  site and it will pull your personal grid info (if you have any).  Other wise, just add stuff to your schedule as needed.

Enjoy!  I am heading to Anaheim!

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