Common Spring Conference – Whats App?

Can’t believe that the spring conference has rolled around again.  Seems like we just finished fall and I haven’t blogged, Tweeted or been “Social” at all in the interim.  I have been BUSY and I plan to get back to blogging (at least) as soon as I can get through the conference.

First off,  I have been deep in midst of fleshing out my Mobile App Development workshop for THIS Saturday (yikes).   Trying to pull together 7 hours of content that is both useful and fun has been a bigger challenge than I expected but I am putting the finishing touches on all of it now primarily so I can get on with updating the other presentations I am giving at the conference.

One of the fruits of that effort is the update to the Common Schedule Organizer.  You can read about the functionality in earlier posts here.  I hoped to add some new function to this revision but things have just been too busy for me.  So I have the new schedules and maps loaded and they are ready to go!  You will find the new web app here. You’ll find the Android APK (Android 2.1 compatible) here. You will want to access that link from your Android device and you’ll be alerted to the fact that you need to change settings to allow an “unknown” app to install.

Once you have the app installed on your device, you may notice that the prompt dialog that asks you for email address for your Common Personal Grid will only appear briefly and then will disappear.  I am not sure where this bug resides but the workaround is to the “My Schedule” page and click on the “Change Grid Email Address” button.  This time the prompt should stay open for you so you can type in the email address and retrieve your schedule.

Based on what I have seen so far this conference will be very well attended and have some pretty exciting sessions. Enjoy the CSO app!  See you there!

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