The Austin Challenge!

Bummer if you are not here in Austin for the Common Annual Conference.  Perhaps you have heard of ‘Austin City Limits’ a program that showcases Austin’s music and night life (its all true!) Or maybe you have heard of that intimate gathering of music and tech aficionados  called South by Southwest (SXSW)?  Anyway, Austin is buzzin with IBM i excitement and all it takes for me to get a flare up of creative energy is a fun environment and a little free time.  So when I saw a post by Eric Lehti on Midrange-L that said of the iPhone application: “It does not list the Austin Barbeque restaurants in this release though. Big fail!” I thought “Why not add that to a REAL application like the Common Scheduler Organizer I developed for Android?”  Not hobbled by IOS I went ahead and knocked it out for Eric.  Sorry Eric, I haven’t compiled and deployed it for iPhone yet so you’ll have to use the web application version found here.  If the rest of you happen to be fortunate enough to be running Android, go ahead and download the APK found here (use ‘save as’ or navigate to the link with your Android device).

Downloading the new APK may wipe any additions to your personal grid that you have already added (working on how to do that smoothly).  You might also have to hit F5 refresh on the web application version to get the list of Austin restaurants.   The list isn’t JUST barbeque places but I was in a board meeting all yesterday, out with friends last night, running in the Common Cares 5k this morning so I have only had a few minutes to throw this together.


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