In search of the stable JS12

Well, the parts box didn’t remain unopened very long. We’ve tried a new SAS Connectivity Module and a new DSM.  The last round we tried the new HBA and at least have the JS12 back up.  The new fixpack was available this morning and it has been downloaded (4 CD’s worth) but I won’t be able to install them until I get back to the office tonight. The last few days *were* encouraging but after the attempt at a tape backup it seems that it didn’t take long before the wheels came off the bus and the blade fell silent again.

Was it the HBA?  I won’t know for a while.  Once the VIOS update is applied, I’ll try *several* tape backups to try to get the blade to fail.  We’ll see how it goes.  If the blog goes offline, you will know.

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